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For the optical indication of the tooth surface structure. Works perfectly both with gypsum models and ceramics.

Brilliant results ...with just one assistive product.

Surface Marker - ideal product for sophisticated dental technicians and students, as well as for master examination.

Please use the Liquid before applying the Surface Marker powder! This serves the purpose of providing easier cleaning of working model, better adhesion and equable distribution of powder.

  • very cost-efficient
  • very thin and smooth surfaces
  • the best quality-price ratio

SURFACE Marker Set

Content: SURFACE Marker, SURFACE Liquid, Caramista Opaquer / Bonder Brush Art.-Nr. 319-0000

SURFACE Single products

SURFACE Marker 5 g Art.-Nr. 319-0005
SURFACE Liquid 25 ml Art.-Nr. 319-0025
Caramista Opaquer / Bonder Brush   Art.-Nr. 312-4000

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