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Caramista - Ceramic brushes

fine brushes with wooden handle

  • excellent water absorption and spreading - even ceramic wetting while layering
  • the natural elasticity of the hair allows the exact separation as well as precise application of ceramic
  • considerable prolongation of the lifetime of the brush hair
  • the brush returns to its original point form even after long time of use, rumpled and spreaded brush points belongs in the past
  • exclusive brush hair surpasses known standards
  • convenient to use due to ergonomically formed brush parts
  • handmade in Germany

Product overview - Caramista brushes

Caramista Paint Brush no. 0 Art.-Nr. 312-3000
Caramista Paint Brush no. 1 Art.-Nr. 312-3001
Caramista Opaquer / Bonder Brush Art.-Nr. 312-4000
Caramista Brush no. 4 Art.-Nr. 312-2004
Caramista Brush no. 6 Art.-Nr. 312-2006
Caramista Brush no. 8 Art.-Nr. 312-2008
Caramista Big Brush no. 10 Art.-Nr. 312-2010
Caramista Brush Set
No.1, no.O/B, no.6,no.8, no.10
Art.-Nr. 312-5000

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