302 1000 DIA GLACE

DIA GLACE hard diamond paste

A polishing medium to obtain perfect surfaces of ceramic restaurations. If ceramic is fired at too high temperature, in order to obtain a gleaming surface, it can appear artificial inside the mouth. Natural looks can only be achieved through polishing. We recommend the use of our lubricant-impregnated felt wheels with DIA GLACE.

  • high diamond content
  • high gloss within a few seconds at a speed of 7500 r/min
  • economical in use thanks to its hard consistency, a very small quantity needed for one polishing procedure
  • no wasted material, very clean while working

DIA GLACE can also be used on composites, veneer plastics and alloys. Use in combination with our non-impregnated felt wheels only on alloys.


DIA GLACE (diamond paste) 5 g Art.-Nr. 300-0000
DIA GLACE Set (5 g diamond paste + 100 lubricant-impregnated felt wheels)   Art.-Nr. 302-1000
Filzräder (ubricant-impregnated) 100 pcs. Art.-Nr. 301-0100
Filzräder (non-impregnated) 100 pcs. Art.-Nr. 305-0100
DIA GLACE SOFT (diamond paste) 5 g Art.-Nr. 300-1005

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