Kategorie K2 Low Fusing

Ceramic LF ( Low Fusing )

natural, multi-purpose and easy to use

K2 LF is a highly condensed 2-phase leucite ceramic. It can be fired at 770°C and is suitable for all alloys having a coefficient of thermal expansion CTE between 13,8 and 14,9/25°- 500°C. This ceramic system uses the nuances and reflection of natural teeth. It offers a vital result even in cases where there is insufficient space.

K2 is the first ceramic system developed as a comprehensive solution, including the Layering ceramic, Press ceramic and the Press over Metal (PoM) systems. The economical K2 ceramic system is revolutionary, the user needs only one ceramic layer for metal - as well as for full ceramics. K2 assortments are available in the A1-D4 colours and include Opal, Fluor, Chroma and Intensive masses. A higher shade measurement can be obtained by mixing or adding the various colours before firing. The K2 ceramic’s press ingots may be used when working with full ceramic, inlays, onlays and PoM. There is a probability of 100% correspondence with the selected colour, even in the case of personalisation, as a result of the diversity of opalescence and fluorescence.


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