IQ Sculpturing and Special waxes in tins

7xx 5xxx IQ Modellierwachs dosen

IQ Sculpturing wax by D.Schulz und N.Langner

This IQ sculpturing wax was created in cooperation with well known dental technicians. We are glad to be able to offer you one more high quality sculpturing wax suitable for any application.

  • high inner stability - very hard, but not fragile
  • excellent solidification point: ash-free 62°C, opaque 63°C, the ideal wax for summer
  • unique rigidity makes the creation of tooth form easier
  • very good sculpturing features - exact reproduction of occlusal surfaces
  • easy to carve
  • tight fitting and low contraction thanks to the adding of micro waxes


  • 45 g in tins or as IQ compact cylinder
Modeling wax in colors IQ ASH-FREE IQ OPAQUE
blue Art.-Nr. 709-5000 Art.-Nr. 709-5001
beige Art.-Nr. 710-5000 Art.-Nr. 710-5001
neon-green Art.-Nr. 713-5000 Art.-Nr. 713-5001
grey Art.-Nr. 714-5000 Art.-Nr. 714-5001