IQ Sculpturing and Special waxes in tins

7xx 5xxx IQ Modellierwachs dosen




IQ Sculpturing wax

  • high inner stability - very hard, but not fragile
  • excellent solidification point: ash-free 62°C, opaque 63°C, the ideal wax for summer
  • unique rigidity makes the creation of tooth form easier
  • very good sculpturing features - exact reproduction of occlusal surfaces
  • easy to carve
  • tight fitting and low contraction thanks to the adding of micro waxes


  • 45 g in tins or as IQ compact cylinder
Modeling wax in colors IQ ASH-FREE IQ OPAQUE
blue Art.-Nr. 709-5000 Art.-Nr. 709-5001
beige Art.-Nr. 710-5000 Art.-Nr. 710-5001
neon-green Art.-Nr. 713-5000 Art.-Nr. 713-5001
grey Art.-Nr. 714-5000 Art.-Nr. 714-5001

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