IQ Waxer Training set

102 0000 IQ KB Gusswachs




IQ Sculpturing Waxes for Natural Wax-Up Technique

This world-wide unique and scientifically proven concept is applied and taught at several universities in Germany as well as in other countries, i.e. Italy, Japan, Korea and Switzerland.

The natural, mechanical motion coordinates refer to the „Occlusal Compass“ and are reflected in the waxing-up concept. Each functional direction corresponds to a wax colour in order to observe immediately the influence of the single segments on the masticatory movements. This unique working concept of functional morphology was developed thanks to a long-term close co-operation between dentists and dental technicians.

Weight: 8 gr. of each colour

IQ Sculpturing wax IQ ash free IQ opaque
Sculpturing wax: blue, grey, neon-yellow, neon-green
Underlining wax: caramel, Cervical wax: black
Art.-Nr. 102-0000M Art.-Nr. 102-0001M

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