THOWAX Sculpturing wax

THOWAX Sculpturing wax

7xx 0000 THOWAX Modellierwachs




THOWAX is a sculpturing wax suitable for the crown, bridge and inlay technique. It is a compound of natural waxes free from any synthetic materials. Thanks to its great sculpturing features THOWAX has gained an excellent reputation worldwide.

  • excellent sculpturing characteristics due to ingredients with extremely short molecules
  • allows a drawing of the wax and the sculpturing of even smallest details
  • quick cooling down facilitates rapid working
  • excellent sculpturing characteristics without filling up the fissures
  • opaque even when molten in order to have a better control during waxing-up
  • high molecular density - easily carvable, leaves smooth surfaces
  • matches perfectly with our special and dipping waxes
  • free from synthetic materials
  • available in 70 g tins, some colours also as wax chip

THOWAX Sculpturing wax

beige with brown opaque 70g Art.-Nr. 700-0000
red lightly opaque 70g Art.-Nr. 708-0000
blue lightly opaque 70g Art.-Nr. 709-0000
beige opaque 70g Art.-Nr. 710-0000
brown lightly opaque 70g Art.-Nr. 711-0000
violet lightly opaque 70g Art.-Nr. 712-0000
green lightly opaque 70g Art.-Nr. 713-0000
grey opaque 70g Art.-Nr. 714-0000

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