WAX GIANT Double Line

73x 500x WAX GIANT double line




WAX GIANT Double Line with integrated cervical wax inlay

  • Double Line with integrated cervical wax inlay
  • quick and time-saving
  • ergonomical working height
  • two foam rings for convenient removing
  • firm base for stability
  • transparent dust protection cover

Excellent wax quality - best modelling characteristics:

  • enables modelling of smallest fissures - natural looking occlusion
  • allows drawing of the wax
  • best stability in melted condition - easier building up of tooth shapes

The wax is :

  • hard but not brittle - high internal strength
  • good to scrape
  • clean filing
  • tight fitting with few contractions

WAX GIANT - double line - (with integrated cervical wax inlay)-,75g

Modellierwachs sand opaque Art.-Nr.: 733-5001
Modellierwachs grey opaque Art.-Nr.: 735-5001
Modellierwachs blue ash-free Art.-Nr.: 737-5000

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