• 767-5000 IQ QUADRO STICK
  • 76x-5000 IQ QUADRO STICKS grafik


Why should a wax stick be square? After burn-out the wax stick leaves a square, hollow channel. Molten metal has round cross-section due to its high surface tension and simulates a rolling ball in motion. Displaced air escapes back through the unfilled corners when the molten metal enters the square channels, eliminating blow-back. The resulting castings are visibly smoother and imperfection free.

IQ QUADRO STICK light green, hard, 50 g

diagonal ø 2,5 mm Art.-Nr. 765-5000
diagonal ø 3,0 mm Art.-Nr. 766-5000
diagonal ø 3,5 mm Art.-Nr. 767-5000

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