CONSEQUENT Wax green, soft

747 1035 CONSEQUENT Wachsdraht smaragdgrn

CONSEQUENT Wax wire emerald green, soft

  • free of undesired tensions
  • high inner stability
  • good working properties also at low temperatures
  • no splitt-off
  • the diameter of the wire narrows while tearing off
  • adheres to the wax model
  • burns without residue

CONSEQUENT Wax wire emerald green, soft strengthen in different

Ø 2,0 mm 250g Art.-Nr. 747-1020
Ø 2,5 mm 250g Art.-Nr. 747-1025
Ø 3,0 mm 250g Art.-Nr. 747-1030
Ø 3,5 mm 250g Art.-Nr. 747-1035
Ø 4,0 mm 250g Art.-Nr. 747-1040
Ø 5,0 mm 250g Art.-Nr. 747-1050

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