DURON Wax wire green hard

746 1035 DURON Wachsdraht grn

DURON Wax wire green, hard

We developed DURON in response to the wish of many dental technicians who were looking for a harder and more economic wax wire. It narrows while tearing off, is tension free and will meet your demands due to its excellent characteristics.

DURON Wax wire green, hard strengthen in different

Ø 2,0 mm 250 g Art.-Nr. 746-1020
Ø 2,5 mm 250 g Art.-Nr. 746-1025
Ø 3,0 mm 250 g Art.-Nr. 746-1030
Ø 3,5 mm 250 g Art.-Nr. 746-1035
Ø 4,0 mm 250 g Art.-Nr. 746-1040
Ø 5,0 mm 250 g Art.-Nr. 746-1050

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