722 1000 MONOLITH THOWAX CHIP bordeaux

MONOLITH THOWAX CHIP Underlining wax chip

THOWAX sculpturing wax is also available in another smart form. The MONOLITH THOWAX CHIP was created for those who prefer a different form to the popular 70 g tins. The MONOLITH metal base is re-usable. THOWAX sculpturing and special waxes are available in packages of 3 x 20 g. Besides the approved THOWAX quality this system has several other advantages.

  • magnet is used for adhesion of the wax chips on the solid safe-standing metal base
  • rubber pads at the bottom of the base avoid slipping
  • fast and easy changing of the chips
  • 20 g chips - faster consumption avoids contamination
  • comfortable and ergonomic taking-up of the wax
  • wax can be completely consumed, no inaccessible wax at in the edges of tins
  • dust and dirt protected by a transparent cap

Available: 3 x 20 g chips of one colour

Underlining wax chip bordeaux Art.-Nr. 722-1000

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