Yeti 4 Print

480-6000 yeti 4 print seitlich

Yeti 4 Print 3D Printer

Yeti 4 Print is a professional 3D printer with outstanding resolution, quickness and reliability. It is perfectly-suited for the use in your laboratory since it works odour-neutrally, cleanly and quietly.

Material open system
Yeti 4 Print has no „lock-in effect“. It means that it can be used with all photopolymers which harden on 405 nm or 385 nm. We advice to use yeti 4 print material.

Each Yeti 4 Print set includes the full software package. “Composer” is an easy-to-use software solution which allows you to control the complete printing process. By use of this software the support structures can be automatically calculated as well as manually added or removed. The automatic positioning function of the “Composer” allows the optimal arrange of the units for the maximal usage of the production area.

All STL & SLC files are supported.

Technical Data

Dimensions (W) 450 x (D) 490 x (H) 800mm
Construction volume X, Y, Z 144 x 81 x 200mm
Pixel size X,Y 75 μm
Z Control 1 μm
Light Source 385 & 405 nm UV LED
File Inputs STL, SLC & Stomp
Software Composer Included. Windows, Linux, Mac.
Network Compatibility WIFI & Ethernet
Industry Sectors Dental, Audiology, Jewelry, General
System Size 450 x 490 x 800mm
System Weight 34 Kg
Power 240VAC (50~60Hz) 5A MAX