YETI piston compressor

484 1000 oelfreier kolbenkompressor whisper

YETI piston compressor

Fully automatic, air- cooled, quiet running ready to use compressor with electric motor which is installed on 20-liter pressure vessel.

Delivery contents Basic configuration of dry-running compressors is a ready to operate system which allows installation without a special foundation for sound-insulated units.

Complete with safety equipment, pressure control, after cooler, condensate drain valve, manometer, individually adjustable pressure reducer, ventilation for pressureless start as well as motor safety switch.

Technical data

Construction type single-stage
Number of cylinders 2
Suction capacity 200 l/min
Effective air delivery 130 l/min
Maximum pressure 8 bar
Compressor speed 1450 U/min
Volume of the container 20 L
Motor 1,5 kW
Voltage 230 V
Frequenz 50 Hz
Protection class IP 44
Isolation classe F
Sound level 55 dB(A)
Weight 110 kg

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