digi MILL5 plus milling machine

481-5500 digi mill5 plus

digi MILL5 plus milling machine

(with blank changer for 8 blanks)

  • Plastic, wax, zirconium oxide, nano-composites, (glass ceramic*), CoCr, (Titan*)
  • 5 simultaneously working axes
  • air pressure (min./max.): 7 bar/ 8 bar (recommended 7 bar)
  • automatic tool changer for 16 tools
  • user friendly CAM software
  • all open STL-files can be used
  • Rotation range: 360 ° (A) | ±30 ° (B)
  • for blanks Ø 98,5 mm with a height of 10 - 30 mm
  • synchronous spindle rotational speed till bis 60.000 U/min
  • maximum power output (Pmax): 600 W
  • Repetition accuracy ± 0,003 mm
  • ready to be used with wet milling option
  • reduced vibration due to stable construction

Technical Data

Machinable materials Plastics, wax, zirconium oxide, nano-composites, (glass ceramic*), CoCr, (Titanium*) ( *only digi MILL5 and digi MILL5 plus with wet milling option)
Dimensions (W/D/H) 692 x 445 x 540 mm
Weight ca. 95 kg
Rotary Axes
  • 5 axes
  • Harmonic Drive® gears free from backlash
  • Rotary axis with highest true running accuracy
  • A Axis: 360 Grad
  • B axis: rotation angle of ± 30 degrees
Axis measurement Automatic axis measurement and compensation for absolutely exact results
Repetition accuracy ± 0,003 mm
Fixing device
  • Round universal blanks with a thickness of 10 to 30 mm
  • (Can be processed: wax max 25 / 30 mm, alloy max. 15mm, zirconium max. 25 mm)
  • Diameter: 98,5 mm with step
  • For wet grinding option specific three-fold block holders available
Wet grinding option
  • 3 liquid nozzles at the spindle for wet grinding
  • External wet grinding module (optional)
Exchange of workpieces Automatic blank changer for eight blanks
Collet chuck For tools with 3 mm shank diameter and max. 40 mm total length
Tool Change
  • Automatic tool change station for 16 tools
  • Tool length detection and tool breakage monitoring via pressure key
  • Diamond-coated tools can be used
  • Compressed air monitoring for automatical tool changing
  • Synchronous spindle
  • Nominal power under constant load (S1): 300 Watt
  • Maximum power output (Pmax): 600 Watt
  • 4-fold layering
  • Hybrid ceramic ball bearings
  • Rotational speed range up to 60,000 RPM
  • Radial deviation at internal cone of the precision shaft < 1 μm
  • Blocking air prevents entering of foreign substances in the bearing area · Cone cleaning
Air Extraction
  • Opening at the housing side for air extraction
  • Underpressure sensor for monitoring the air extraction
  • 24 Volt output for connecting the switching unit
  • Switching unit PSW 01-RSV for automatically switching a vacuum cleaner
  • YETI digi MILL tool board without tools
  • Wet grinding option
  • Block holders for glass ceramics

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