digi MILL4 wet - wet grinding

wet grinding
  • 481-4600 yeti digimill 4 wet nass schleif fräsmaschine
  • 481-4600 yeti digimill 4 wet fräsmaschiene
  • 481-4600 yeti digimill 4 wet zu seitlich rechts
  • 481-4600 digimill 4 wet fraesmaschinen innenraum
  • 481-4600 digimill 4 wet fraesmaschinen innenraum blocs

digi MILL4 wet - wet grinding

Machinable materials block material, glass ceramic, zirconium oxide, nano-composites, Wax, Titanium, .......
Dimensions (W/D/H) ca. 360 x 451 x 471 mm
Weight ca. 50 kg
Rotary Axes
  • 4-axes Wet grinding
  • A axis: highest true running accuracy
  • rotation range: +190° to −10°
Axis measurement
  • measurement of axes with calibration specimen
  • automatic axis compensation for exact results
Repetition accuracy linear axes ± 0,003 mm
Fixing device for 3 blocks with round shanks (total positioning range for workpieces: 60 x 40 x 20 mm)
Wet grinding
  • tool is cooled by 8 liquid nozzles in full length (from tip to shank)
  • removable drawer for cooling liquid and filter
  • protection of mechanics, electronics and spindle by flexible rubber gaiter
Exchange of workpieces manual exchange
Collet chuck pneumatic stainless steel collet chuck for tools with 3 mm shank diameter and max. 35 mm total length
Tool change
  • automatic tool changer for 8 tools with 2 removable changer stations for easy equipment
  • haptic tool length detection and tool breakage monitoring
  • diamond-coated tools can be used
  • compressed air monitoring
  • synchronous spindle
  • nominal power under constant load : 300 Watt
  • maximum power output (Pmax): 600 W
  • 4-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearings
  • rotational speed range up to 60,000 RPM
  • radial deviation at internal cone of the precision shaft < 1 μm
  • sealing air prevents entering of foreign substances in the bearing area
Air extraction no extraction necessary
compact design Machine base made of a solid cast aluminum body for maximum stability
Data all STL-Data readable
Operation easy to use via supplied CAM software
Art.-No. Art.-No. 481-4600

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