SLM 125

460-3000 SLM 125

SLM 125

Comparing with the desktop SLM solution, approximately a double quantity of units per day can be produced on SLM 125 due to its bigger working chamber. The processing height of 100 mm allows producing bigger partial constructions. This unit fulfills all requirements as powerful solution for your laboratory.

Datenblatt SLM 125

Bauvolumen Plattform 1 25 x 1 25 mm, max. Höhe 200 mm
Schichtdicken 20 - 1 00 μm
Lasertyp Faserlaser 1 00 - 400 W
Stromanschluss 1 6 A, 240 V
Leistungsaufnahme 1,5 KW
Argonverbrauch ca. 35 Liter/ Std.
Abmessung B1 600 x T800 x H1 550 mm
Gewicht 450 Kg
Software ReaLizer Steuerungssoftware
Pulveraufbereitung Integrierte Pulverabsaugung & Siebmaschine
Materialien CoCr, Titan, Edelstahl, Werzeugstahl, etc.

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