SLM 50

460-1000 SLM 50

SLM 50

An affordable reality for dental laboratories, providing exact fits and maintaining the alloy structure. The popular and well known alloy SOLIBOND C Plus is now adapted to this technology and is available as SOLIBOND C Plus powder, which together with the SLM 50, guarantees the best results. With Intensive Research & Development, in house consultation and excellent training this system will quickly gain partners among top dental laboratories around the world.

Advantages of SLM 50:

  • Compact size of a desktop machine
  • Production of up to 120 units a day
  • High quality fibre laser „Made in Germany“
  • Graceful construction with minimal layer thickness of 20 nm.
  • Economical, only the necessary quantity of metal is used.
  • Time saver
  • Minimal post- processing

This desktop machine fits in with the existing SLM 125 and SLM 300i series. Delivery takes place after intensive consultation and extensive training of user. We will be glad to make you an tailored offer based on your requirements.

Technical data:

Size: 800 mm width
700 mm depth
500 mm height
Layer thickness: 20-50 μm
Maximum size of produced part: Ø 70 mm
40 mm height
Units per day: ca. 120
Weight: ca. 130 kg
Laser type: fiber laser: 100 W
Power connection: 16A, 230V
Argon consumtion: ca. 30 l / h

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