SOLIBOND C plus Powder

969 5000 SOLIBOND C plus Powder

SOLIBOND C plus Powder

Cobalt-Chrome alloy for laser based applications

An important component to SLM machines is the alloy powder, crucial for the quality of laser melted products. Solibond C plus powder with its spectrum of -10 / +63 my is produced in Germany with strict quality controlled production under inert gas. Each Lot is released to market, only after achieving the optimum test criteria. The popular alloy SOLIBOND C plus is registered worldwide and already enjoys a high level of customer confidence. SOLIBOND C plus is highly recommended for use with the SLM 50 machine and the powder stays constantly dry and freeflowing.

Co Cr Mo W Nb Si
63% 24% 2,9% 8,1% 0,9% 1,1%
  • exact fitting
  • smooth surface of produced items
  • fine and homogeneous alloy structure

SOLIBOND C plus Powder

5000 g Art.-Nr. 969-5000

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