414 9000 duo Waxer NT

duo Waxer NT

Handpieces and modelling tips are not included in the warranty!

The first processor-controlled Waxer with a two-line LCD display offers unforeseen advantages which the technician only has known from the computer technology so far.

  • precise and stepless control 50°C - 225°C / 122°F - 437°F
  • display shows set temperature of both handpieces at the same time
  • two-line LCD display with alpha numerical presentation of both working temperatures
  • possibility of intergrating personal data through CPU Software
  • possibility of memorising 2 temperatures per handpiece apart from the actual temperature
  • these temperatures can be changed and retrieved at any time
  • automatical memorization of the latest data adjustments
  • also after power failure
  • the handpiece: extremely light, insensitive against temperature, stays conveniently cool
  • the connection cable to the handpiece is highly flexible and absolutely insensitive against temperature
  • temperature control via high-quality contact sensors
  • no use of wear and tear intensive parts, such as potentiometers or foil displays
  • ergonomical design - reduced in weight and dimensions - no need of an additional transformer

duo Waxer NT
Delivery incl. 2 handpieces, 2 handpiece clamps and modelling tips PKT 1 ( 411-0100 ) and PKT 2 ( 411-0200 ) optional, if other settings are requested:

115 V Art.-Nr. 414-9115
230 V Art.-Nr. 414-9000

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