easy Waxer

41x 0000 Kategorie easywaxer

easy Waxer & easy Waxer duo

Handpieces and modelling tips are not included in the warranty!

  • short heating time
  • wide temperature range up to 190°C/ 374°F
  • easy handling due to temperature control
  • unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • energy-saving on/off switch

easy Waxer
Delivery: incl.: handpiece, handpiece clamp and modelling tip PKT 2

115 V Art.-Nr. 413-0115
230 V Art.-Nr. 413-0000

easy Waxer duo
Delivery incl.: 2 handpieces, 2 handpiece clamps and 2 modelling tips PKT 1 and PKT 2

115 V Art.-Nr. 415-0115
230 V Art.-Nr. 415-0000

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