Modelling tips for Waxer NT, pro and EASY

411-0x000 modellierspitzen zahlen waxer nt pro waxer easy waxer

Modelling tips for Waxer NT and proWAXER

We offer an assortment of six different tips for all our Waxers series NT, pro and light. The tips can be individually modified by grinding. The tips can be quickly changed thanks to the simple pin system. Their interior diameter is 2 mm.

Assortment of modelling tips

modelling tips description Art.- Nr.
1 PKT 1 thin 411-0100
2 PKT 2 thick 411-0200
3 Hollenback horizontal 411-0300
4 Knife shape 411-0400
5 Corkscrew thin 411-0500
6 Corkscrew thick 411-0600

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