Wax up instruments by Jochen Peters

  • 850-600x Wax up instruments by Jochen Peters artline
  • 850-6001 jochen peters lecron modellierinstrument artline
  • 850-6002 jochen peters pkt schwannenhals modellierinstrument artline
  • 850-600x jochen peters modellierinstrumente excellence line vario

Wax up instruments by Jochen Peters

Modelling instruments are important professional tools for each dental technician.

That is why it was our concern to design solid and practical instruments for everyday use in cooperation with Jochen Peters. Jochen Peters who is in contact with many dental technicians on a nearly daily basis knows their necessities better than anyone else.

The result are temperature-isolated and non-slippery instruments which are fabricated as one piece from high-quality stainless steel. The instruments adhere magnetically to our Vario holder and therefore are constantly protected and kept professionally.

The set of Jochen Peters instruments consists of modelling instrument and scrape instrument, both are as usual high-quality products “made in Germany”.

Jochen Peters modelling instruments

no.01 LeCron 850-6001
no.02 PKT / Gooseneck 850-6002

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