Zircon Polishing Set

Zircon Polishing Set

 Zircon polishing set - Excellence Line




Polishing set for the creation of natural texture of the tooth surface and for the production of zirconium frameworks

440-0100 Schleifpapier Konus anwendungAbrasive paper cone for smoothing of the surfaces and imitation of the growth lines (Perikymatien).
Art.-Nr. 440-0100
max. 10.000rpm

440-0200 HM Fraeser anwendungHM cutter in diamond form extra fine for quick material removal and very fine surface finishing.
Art.-Nr. 440-0200
max. 40.000rpm

440-0300 HM Fissurenbohrer anwendungHM Fissure bur for separation of objects from zirconia blank.
Art.-Nr. 440-0300
max. 40.000rpm

440-0x00 Smart Stone Konus Flamme anwendungSmart Stone (2 forms) with diamond grain for smooth grinding of the contours.
Art.-Nr. 440-0400
Art.-Nr. 440-0500

440-0600 Arkansas anwendungArkansas for contouring of the surface and and for finest details.
Art.-Nr. 440-0600
max. 20.000rpm

440-0700 Rubber Flame anwendungRubber Flame for smoothing of the desired details, for example abrasion surfaces.
Art.-Nr. 440-0700
max. 10.000rpm

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