Consequent multifunctional clasp

  • 109-0000 CONSEQUENT Multiklammer
  • 109-0000 Consequent klammerprofil diagramm

CONSEQUENT multifunctional clasp

With the CONSEQUENT product line we are presenting a completely new quality of wax. This material can be easily processed even at low temperatures, it is free of tension and offers contemporaneously a high inner solidness. The clasp form enables the combination of anatomically demanding perfection with unvaried high stability. This reduces the time of refinishing processes and provides a remarkable saving of working time. The multifunctional clasp form enables its utilization for both, molars and premolars.

  • the shifted ridge enables food residues to glide easily
  • fine and filigree clasp form
  • perfect anatomically shaped clasp
  • high stability
  • elongated clasp arms for molars of larger dimensions
  • definitive saving of working time

Available: 10 sheets = 200 clasps
Colour: emerald green

CONSEQUENT multifunctional clasp Art.-Nr. 109-0000

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