955 xxxx YETI EXPANSION einbettmasse


investment for precious and non precious alloys

  • the expansion is regulated by the concentration of liquid and distilled water and delivers the desired results for both precious and non-precious alloys
  • suitable for casting work, crowns and bridges technique, telescopic technique and implant technique
  • high expansion values allow to make large non precious works
  • exact control of expansion while making primary telescopic crowns
  • cracking resistant, can be used also without muffle ring
  • no necessity of high-expansion liquid
  • excellent price-performance ratio

Casting: traditional or high-speed


YETI EXPANSION Powder 4,5 kg (50 x 90 g ) Art.-Nr. 955-0090
YETI EXPANSION Liquid 1000 ml bottle Art.-Nr. 955-1000
YETI EXPANSION Powder + Liquid 4,5 kg (50 x 90 g ) + 1000 ml bottle Art.-Nr. 955-0000

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