963 1000 1 SOLIBOND N


metal-to-ceramic Nickel-Chrome alloy

  • beryllium free nickel-chrome alloy
  • good manipulation when fluid, security is achieved by casting. Fast polishing, shining surfaces as well as burning stability of the alloy
  • exact fitting and easy manipulation with a hardness of 180 HV
  • very thin oxide layer, esthetic construction of the ceramic
  • optimum metal-ceramic bonding
  • durable, high corrosion resistance, can be scanned with laser

Tip: best casting results in combination with the investments YETIVEST, DUOVEST, YETI EXPANSION and YETI EXPANSION plus

Melting range 1.250 – 1.330°C
Casting temperature 1390°C
Vickers hardness 180 HV
Ultimate elongation 25,0 %
CTE (20 - 600°C) 14,1 · 10-6 K-1
CTE (25 - 500°C) 13,9 · 10-6 K-1


Ni Cr Mo Si Fe
62,7% 24,5% 10,4% 1,4% 1,0%

Solibond N

250 g Art.-Nr. 963-0250
1000 g Art.-Nr. 963-1000

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