BITE WAXES flavoured sticks

61x xxxx bissnehmewachse

BITE WAXES flavoured sticks

Our bite waxes stay stable when warm and when cooled down, giving excellent bite registration. They guarantee the exact bite registration and are available in three different hardnesses. According to the clinical researches it is easier for a patient to accept a flavoured bite wax. This is the reason why we added popular flavours to our bite waxes such as strawberry, apple, orange and lemon. Your patient will feel comfortable and relaxed when using these bite waxes.

  • size of one stick 108 x 10 x 10 mm
  • colours correspond to their hardness

BITE WAXES flavoured sticks

lemon flavoured (yellow) soft 490 g Art.-Nr. 612-0490
lemon flavoured (yellow) soft 1850 g Art.-Nr. 612-1850
apple flavoured (green) medium 490 g Art.-Nr. 614-0490
apple flavoured (green) medium 1850 g Art.-Nr. 614-1850
strawberry flavoured (red) hard 490 g Art.-Nr. 613-0490
strawberry flavoured (red) hard 1850 g Art.-Nr. 613-1850

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