Preparation Set

555 0000 Prparations Set

Preparation Set

The Preparation Set is a very helpful accessory for a systematic die preparation. Spacers and isolating liquid harmonize and are clearly arranged for use. The separating process could not be easier: just insert the die into the middle of the sponge and turn it by 90°, that‘s it! A perfect, thin coating in a few seconds. The constant supply of the sponge with YETI LUBE is reliably ensured by the special micro fibre wick which always provides the perfect amount of separating liquid without wasting material. Clean, economic and evenly thin isolating layers.

The Preparation Set consists of:

  • 1 acrylic base with 4 slots for the spacers with 4 rubber pads at the bottom to avoid sliding
  • 1 tank including sponge and micro fibre wick
  • 1 bottle CLEAR SPACER 20 ml
  • 1 bottle DIE SPACER 20 ml
  • 1 bottle YETI-LUBE 20 ml

The fourth slot is to place any liquid of your choice.

Preparation Set: Separating device with Spacer and separating liquid

each 20 ml, CLEAR SPACER, DIE SPACER yellow and YETI LUBE Art.-Nr. 555-0000
Preparation Set without liquids Art.-Nr. 555-1000
Sponge with a wick Art.-Nr. 555-2000

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