LIGHT SPACER transparent

520 1000 LIGHT SPACER transparent


Advantages of the light curing die spacer LIGHT SPACER:

  • homogeneous curing
  • creates a very hard, scratch-resistant and durable surface
  • extremely smooth surface - no problem when lifting the coping
  • excellent adhesion on plaster base
  • unlimited application time cures only when put into the light curing unit

Curing in any available standard unit (We recommend PRECI NT SHUTTLE)

Curing time: approx. 2 - 5 min
Delivery: in black UVA protection bottles of 10 ml

Die LIGHT SPACER can only be used with each other! Not to be mixed with other Spacers!

LIGHT SPACER transparent

3 my 1 x 10 ml Art.-Nr. 520-1000

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